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A merge game called "Travel Town" begins the trip to create a tourism community in an uncomplicated and unusual circumstance. When they reach a particular level, players will be able to unlock locations and assist in changing them by adding new structures. In addition, this expansion will frequently necessitate spending a lot of money and resources, necessitating merge levels for every player.


In Travel Town, you'll visit a tourist attraction, but it won't be what you expect because the surroundings are uncomplicated and some structures weren't constructed with much care. So your role in this game, which is to expand village-related components and enhance its appeal, is entirely clear. There are numerous things you must do, notably earning money in the game, so it will undoubtedly be a long voyage.

In this game, money is a crucial resource that will give the player their best chance. At the same time, revenue can be generated by combining game items and offering them for sale to islanders. Although moving things freely and at their discretion on this game screen does not provide players with any challenges, it will take some time due to the intricacy and level of the objects.


When you first enter Travel Town, you will see empty cells with a bucket bearing the symbol for thunder. Clicking on this bucket will allow you to add more components and complete your merge. You will simultaneously be able to freely move colorful things so that they end up merging with other colorless objects. Until you can adequately serve the requirements of the villagers, you will keep merging.

You should be aware that you can remain in the merging level for as long as you like or until the level requirement cap, whichever comes first. You will get a specific quantity of gold when you sell the many products that require merging to the villagers. Additionally, if you're lucky, some of the gold coins that fall from your combining objects may bring you even more. In this game, gold coins can also be used as a combining element.


Because the thunderbolts in Travel Town are the source of so many ingredients for you to combine, you'll notice the distinctiveness of the things with them. However, each of these advantages has requirements, and in the case of this game, you have to expend a specific amount of energy in order to create new resources. So make good use of the energy you have.

This game offers a wide range of distinctive things, and the materials they generate will likewise vary. Pebbles, seashells, or sandcastles are just a few of the sea-themed items that can be made in a bucket of water. Additionally, you'll need to use the basket to gather food ingredients. These unique things share a ratio that enables you to gather higher-level items.


In Travel Town, you will find sections that have various unlocking requirements, and you will use the money to unlock and upgrade them. To level up and explore new locations, you will gain some experience. Additionally, as you level up, more merge spaces will become available and you'll have more energy to use. Additionally, you should improve these areas and monitor the results.

the tourism destination

You arrive at a location known as a tourist town and start exploring it. But due to its destitution and poverty, it doesn't appear touristy. You're resolved to assist folks in reinventing it to make this right. To overcome the merge difficulty that is posed, the first action is required. You will combine the necessary items until you locate the one the game requires. As a result, you can fill your wallet with a lot of money very rapidly. Then, alter each area of the town with this money. from residences and workplaces to scenic locations. You have calculated everything and now you must proceed.

Numerous objects

As you are aware, things have a big impact on how the town is renovated. As a result, you can use more than 500 distinct items for this. On a gaming screen, there will be a lot of items lying about for you to select from. Combine any two things to make a new one, including excavators and building supplies like paint and shovels. A few examples of household objects are tables, chairs, and cabinets. Together, they created finished apartments and stores. In the farms you oversee, more tools are also employed. One of the locations where the town's overall functionality is ensured.

Get to know the new villagers

Every villager has challenges that cannot be overcome. However, the majority of these challenges will resemble house or office renovations. As a result, these will be solid contracts with respectable pay. To finish the room, all you need to do is make an effort and change each component. Make small changes to the entire city and make more new pals. The plot will take numerous turns, and there will be many surprises. You won't be able to predict what challenging circumstances you'll encounter or how to get out of them. Persistence is still necessary to achieve success, though.

Circulate the island

On this large island, you can travel wherever you like. Each property has a variety of activities you must accomplish in order to transform it from a packed neighborhood to a busy pier. Even better, you can enter the forest and view the entire flora and fauna there. In the Travel Town, explore perilous caves deep for hidden treasures.

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