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Jun 14, 2024
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Over 100 daily workouts ranging from five to sixty minutes in length abound on Alive App for selection. The choices comprise a broad spectrum of HIIT variations, overhead, legs, push and pull. Additionally present are thirty-three timers with five to eight minute cooldown.

Along with tasks spanning four to ten weeks, the app presents thirty to forty-day challenges. In either case, users can modify the project's challenge and difficulty by choosing among beginning, moderate, and advanced levels.

What is Alive APK?

Users of the app are urged to enter their ideas in the register at any moment using challenges and events as inspiration. Download the Alive app then apply ISIC, ITIC, IYTC, Alive, and AliveID. Your Alive badge, awards, and contests are easily accessible on your digital card. Users of the Travel area can now monitor training events and point count.

Have an amazing day. Whitney Simmons developed the wellness and fitness tool Alive App. Years of sharing her fitness and training path, Whitney has developed a programme to support women on their path. Whitney is driven in helping women to experience their best on the inside as much on the outside. This software offers routines and plans to help you live a healthy life, attain your fitness goals, and test your limitations.


Along with Whitney, seasoned educator Libby Christensen introduced Alive. Libby has dedicated her programme to our users, who are more concerned in building muscle mass and strengthening, since she specialises in strength training.

Simple and easy to use design and engineering go underlie Alive App. Emphasise the training process to maintain your safety while practice. With our Live community under development, we eagerly await always enhancing and growing the software.

Technical constraints prevent digital cards from being utilised in universities and schools right now. Entering into the app activates the digital versions of your ISIC, ITIC, IYTC, Alive, and AliveID cards. Your profile lets you control your data, expenses, and competitiveness.

You will get a digital card upon logging into the Alive App that you can use to access vehicles and fares with our partners overseas and in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this software, you will never miss your card renewal; it will also alert you when your present card is almost expired.


You have travel insurance and ISIC? Additional pieces. You can now carry all the insurance words and knowledge right on your phone. Please be advised that only some nations provide this service.


At your fingers, the software lets you make money. One click will let you rapidly identify your favourites and save by region, type, or price range. Special or limited offers will never run out again.


You no longer have to register for every competition. Just log in using your Alive profile to be included into the sweepstakes.

Many advantages of the Alive app will improve your life. Whitney Simmons., the sole distributor of ISIC, ITIC, IYTC, Alive, and AliveID cards, runs the Alive app and allows users to access cards and services connected to it.

Features of Alive APK:

Centre Programme:

Based on your own objectives, Alive App offers 17 distinct programmes for selection. Joining a programme will put you under direction throughout a several-week thorough training programme. It removes your guesswork and keeps your attention on your objectives.


Alive developed the 30-Day Challenges where it excels since she firmly thinks that your mental health is just as vital as your physical one. Every challenge consists in daily tasks, mental exercise, physical activity, reading prompts. These difficulties will enable you to surpass your constraints and discover fresh approaches to make it through every day.

Daily Practice:

To choose what kind of exercise you want to do, Alive has more than 100 daily sessions split into several categories (HIIT, ABS, Pulls, etc.).

Travel Across Water:

A good and healthy life is a voyage rather than an overnight assignment. Journey tracks your development using weight, pictures, and a progress diary. Using Apple Health, Alive also can connect your weight data and activity minutes. The secret is consistency; the software will be successful as long as your goals are met.

Active/Premium Subscription:

Downloadable free, Alive App offers two premium membership options—monthly and annual. Both choices call for a seven-day trial. Full access to the app—including all content and daily functionality—is part of Alive Premium.

Your iTunes account charges subscription costs straight on your credit card. Should you cancel twenty-four hours before the current month ends, your subscription will automatically renew.

Accessing your account settings after purchase will help you control your subscription and turn off auto-renews. Refunds for seasonally unused items are not offered following purchase. Downloading and registering for Premium Alive commits you to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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