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Tap Pocket
13.90 for Android
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Aug 14, 2022
115 MB
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Android 4.4+

In this game, you can construct habitats for dragons and embark on a magical adventure. Moreover, dragons can be bought and leveled up here as pets. There is much more excitement and fierceness in battles with them. Their powerful abilities will contaminate the battlefield, and they will be rebuilt for the next battle. The greater the better! After that, you can evolve them and take them to more challenging battlegrounds!

You can control the human with just a few taps and actions. The human has no power, but he can command the dragons to fight for him and deal the most devastating damage. In addition, players can construct habitats and assign dragons to gold mining. For those who don't know, dragons are imaginary creatures that represent treasure. Thus, this game demonstrates the same thing as the mystic. Treasure, particularly gold, is guarded by dragons. As a result, you can automate your mining empire and become the wealthiest wizard in the world!

There is no doubt that this game is easy to play and suitable for players of all ages. The game is open to everyone, so that they can participate, enjoy the fight, and satisfy their desire to own and tame powerful dragons, one of the most powerful creatures in magic.

There is a large selection of different types of dragons in the shop. The spoils of victory are yours when you triumph in a conflict. By allowing dragons to accumulate gold, you can eventually increase your wealth. Over time, you can unlock new dragons of your creation when you have enough gold for shopping. Moreover, two dragons can be bred together to produce a new generation with traits from both parents.


As you get used to the new life in the game, you will experience some initial difficulties. A life surrounded by creatures that exist only in our imaginations. Besides seeing the shape of dragons, you can also become a dragon trainer. Learn each dragon's essential characteristics, then lead them to the battlefield to fight. The goal is to build the strongest squad, defeat the wild dragons one by one, and sweep the entire map. Being thrust into a world full of wilds is a whole new experience. Build a land that nurtures powerful dragons using your abilities.


Make your land a breeding ground for dragons. Separate areas should be created for each dragon to live and train. As the dragons mature, they can be bred to create new species. You should choose the best eggs so that they will be an exceptional help when they grow up. The winning items can be used to train the most powerful dragons. Each dragon should be upgraded until they reach maturity. Develop them to the ultimate form in order to discover mighty dinosaurs. Create an army of dragons that is invincible by checking their combat stats.


Dragon Castle brings to life battles between animals that exist only in our imaginations. Now you can learn and discover more about this enormous animal. Your dragons will help you explore the world as you command them around the map. On your journey, you will meet wild dragons. To defeat those dragons, lead and arrange your squad. You will unlock new dragon species if you defeat them convincingly. By looking at the factors, you can find the strongest dragon for your team. Master dragon disputes and become the best dragon trainer.


Your land will be cramped by dragons because of their huge size. Dragons will not be able to develop fully due to a lack of living space. Someone who cares about dragons is a good dragon trainer. Create a harmonious living environment for each dragon by building separate areas for them. Build and upgrade buildings to gain more space for breeding dragons. The money will be used to expand and build more habitats for each species. Additionally, you can nurture your dragons by growing plants. Create the best habitat for your dragons by expanding your castle.

It opens up the possibility of training animals that cannot be imagined except by the human imagination. There, you will find dragons with a variety of forms and characteristics. Find the strongest dragons among them and train them. Defeat wild dragons and expand your castle with this powerful force. Breeding new dragon species can be accomplished by using existing dragons. Build a land to nurture dragons and become a dragon trainer in this world by downloading the Dragon Castle.

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