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App By:
0.052 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 22, 2023
1.55 GB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Description of Dungeon Days APK

Dungeon Days is a brand new game that was just released by Buba Games, and the current version is 0.05. The plot of the game is centered on Wes Cragvern, who serves as the Assistant Janitor of the most incredible dungeon in the world, which also serves as his home. One day, he is given the assignment of keeping an eye on a band of fresh explorers who have intentions of clearing out that dungeon entirely. Along with his childhood friend, a White Dragon lady named Pah'Sharah, they decided to go to town in order to learn more about these new adventurers and find out what the

problem is with them. They had no idea how much more complicated their lives are about to become as a result of this one seemingly straightforward mission. They find themselves in an increasingly precarious position as a result of a series of events that they could never have predicted occurring in sequence. If Wes is going to be successful in rescuing the people who are important to him, he is going to have to stop using a broom and start using the might befitting a Dungeon Lord!

Changelog of the Game Version:


  • 715 and More Renders!
  • 22 Animated Sequences! (I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback on how they enjoy them!)
  • A naughty scene with Celeste!
  • MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO SAVE! (not a whole lot more but a few more... I assure you that the new user interface will feature many more)
  • TONS of brand-new SFX have been added!
  • Linux users would appreciate these small bug fixes!
  • Edits to the general text, including the Pah against Vanhi scene!
  • NEUVEAUX effets sonores pour le début du jeu, all the way up to the point that Wes and Pah arrive at the tow
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