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App By:
Mgif Studio
2.6.3 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 29, 2022
149 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Turn-based but frantic fights in Heroes Legend will provide everyone with the most fun and exciting moments. It also has a sizable setting, a lengthy plot, and outstanding character development to fully immerse players in the narrative. In the meanwhile, players will have numerous chances to unearth hidden riches or enlist famous warriors in the main fight lineup.


The globe of Heroes Legend is enormous and includes a variety of diverse locales to provide the player a full journey. Their trips are further divided into distinct stages, and as they finish particular routes or regions, the game will offer a variety of fun activities, such as boss battles. Players must balance their progress with the main level and other criteria because if they advance too quickly, they may encounter several issues.


Players will need an elite squad with numerous strong heroes in order to fight for an extended period of time because the primary combat mechanism is turn-based tactics. Additionally, the mechanics for hero recruiting will gradually become available over time, giving them the best chances to assemble a strong and diversified squad. Many heroes also have special effects that allow players to use their imagination and flexibility when engaging in combat with deadly foes.


Players must properly utilize all of the squad's heroes' powers due to the turn-based tactical battle system. The RNG mechanism used in Heroes Legend has a significant impact on each unit's abilities and actions, including the damage done, hit rate, and casting power. Players must combine skills or combos throughout matches to unlock hidden effects in each talent.


The squad can unleash special skills thanks to sophisticated upgrade systems that can develop into independent branches. According to the player's choices made while raising up, each character will automatically modify either their appearance or their starting talents. Of course, improving the characters will have a significant impact on the squad and enhance the player's capacity to benefit from various circumstances.


The dungeons that are dispersed around the earth are the Heroes Legend sites which are the most bountiful and beautiful. They all have different ecosystems and after-completion incentives, and some of them can even grant players the most exclusive goodies, such as uncommon items or unique characters. In the future, new events and activities will frequently take place in these areas to improve the entertainment value of the dungeon's development.


The PvP arenas are perfect for gamers who want to test their skills or who are tired of the default gameplay. Players will be automatically paired with opponents of comparable strength at that location, and they will earn numerous handsome rewards by defeating possible opponents in a row. When players accomplish objectives or trade using special tokens, the arena also offers a lot of appealing products.

Heroes Legend offers players countless hours of turn-based tactical entertainment to create delightful and memorable moments. Additionally, it will continually add fresh content and provide gamers with limitless opportunities to take advantage of through special events or activities.

Key Features

  • The game is continually updated with new content, and new content is released according to the seasons. You can strengthen your squad by unlocking more legendary heroes, warriors, and items in the fighting arena.
  • Put your best characters forward, battle in the BATTLE ARENA, and fight other players in PVP duels! Gain the highest rankings to receive the largest rewards! and get to Legend Warrior status.
  • Avoid playing single-player games. Use easy controls to tap a Hero's face and release an ability just in time to save your squad as you battle a BOSS with other players.
  • There are several battlegrounds, dungeons, heroic quests, combat arenas, and mysterious towers to explore.
  • Each hero has a unique collection of skills and qualities that have a big impact on your strategy.
  • There are roughly 60 Heroes across many factions, each with their own specialties. Bring to life your Legend Warriors, develop them into heroic figures, or change them into Spirit resources for EVOLVING. Prepare your troops for war by creating magical armor for them!

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