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Beta 0.16a For Android
Updated On:
Feb 21, 2024
1.2 GB
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Android 6.0+

House Chores is a visual novel about a young man on his summer vacation. When he begins to perceive someone close to him differently, problems arise. Two unexpected visitors complicate this chaotic summer even more by barging in. 

Will you be able to score big this summer?  Will you begin the school year unprepared? Let's see what happens with House Chores.  As of now, I'm just having fun with it and writing a story that I hope others will enjoy.


Back then, House Chores was a small project/homage to a classic meme that I found particularly amusing. I'd like to look into the possibility of expanding House Chores beyond its original concept.

The player and Linda could be introduced to other guests in the house and possibly taken outside to meet some women/areas.

Why should I make a pledge?

Despite being a work in progress, House Chores will be completely free to play. As a result, I rely on Patreon supporters to fund additional artwork and animation for House Chores.  Your help makes this possible.

If you are unable or do not want to pledge, that is fine.  Playing House Chores is sufficient support, but you can also help spread the word about this game.  I'd really appreciate it. If you pledge, you will also receive exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming content.  Future tiers and rewards will be added.


  • Milf IC/"Close Relationships"
  • Voyeurism
  • Vanilla Cosplay Threesome
  • Harem Public

(Most of these, and more, will be included in future updates!)

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