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App By:
OneMore Game Studio
1.13.0 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 10, 2022
76 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

In Merge Duck 2, ducks are warriors, not ordinary animals. No less than humans, they can eventually become super-soldiers. These creatures have the potential to help you win an easy victory. Face dozens of dark and terrifying opponents. No matter what they do, they can't make us afraid. Due to their arrogance, their end will only be buried under oblivion. Your future depends on what you strive for.

One more Game Studio decided to develop the second part after the success of ducks in the first. Merge Duck 2 is back, and it's worse than ever. There will be a significant upgrade in the game's visuals and customization. To challenge yourself with things you've never played before. For a strategy to be successful, it must be guaranteed. You will be able to make better decisions for your next move if you play and think independently.

With Merge Duck 2, players can lead an army of mighty ducks and devise battle strategies for each confrontation. A team battle will be made by summoning the duck warrior and getting ready to start. You can own more than 60 options for these battle positions, but you have to pay for them. Through the achievements and skills you gained during your participation in the wars, you will be able to conquer the treasure chest.


Players will be able to view all the duck warriors' information in Merge Duck 2, which will be arranged in a common list. Besides showing their ability stats and inner strength, the system also displays their names and origins. To welcome the new addition to this perfect collection, we have created a new event. Tendou's picture can be unlocked by completing the puzzle pieces found during the event. Tendou will open up new adventures for the player once he or she owns it. The cosmic black hole destination becomes one of the next arenas in the game.


Battles between two squads of duck warriors will mark the player's progress in conquering Merge Duck 2. Each of them has excellent members. You can choose 5 warriors for each battle, and your choices will determine the outcome of the contest. We help you divide warriors into four main skills based on their abilities. Additional options, such as energy cards, will help you improve your skills quickly. To make it easier for players to track their journey, the general map will mark the arenas they have passed.


Players can upgrade their squads and own the best members in Merge Duck 2. With each successful round, players can unlock new characters or accumulate bonuses. Additionally, the system creates a unique treasure chest for you to discover. This world of brave duck warriors will further strengthen your activity in this world of power, and player achievements on the leaderboard will prove it.


There are two opposites in our world: light and dark. You will represent the light, while the rest will represent the arch-enemy. You must recruit ducks with great potential if you want to defeat them. Buy ingredients with your gold and merge them all together. When they are connected, duck warriors reach a whole new level. Easily defeat your opponents with the help of this tool. Upgrades are harder to perform the later you go. To succeed, we must work hard.


Merge Duck 2 has created more than 80 different types of duck warriors. There is a superhuman strength hidden within each individual. Upgrades reveal that they have exceptional advantages. They are all similar to the heroes we see in movies. In addition, they also possess skills that can aid you in combat. Each time the enemy overpowers you, you gain more advantage. As a result of each merge, a new hero will be created and added to your collection. Bring your mighty army constant growth from there.


You can also explore the dungeons deep on the island in addition to regular combat. We can use a lot of bonuses in these dungeons. Until the end, you will have to fight random opponents with increasing levels. To get the treasure you need, you even have to face the black dragon lord. In the future, you will be able to significantly strengthen your character with the weapons that you get from the dungeon. You can go further in your normal levels because of that. Despite your best efforts, you have not yet discovered all the challenges and mysteries of the island. To get the best and most effective directions, go gradually.


Besides participating in the battle, our ducks will need to practice. As a result of practice, you will also be able to harvest gold without having to play continuously. You will continue to receive gold even after leaving the game. In Merge Duck 2, upgrading your equipment will speed up duck warriors' learning progress, which will enhance your practice.


  • With many other players, players join the achievement improvement campaign to conquer the only treasure on the map.
  • The new experience of owning a powerful army, including duck warriors and free information updates.
  • As you continue to upgrade team members, weapons, and abilities, you have more options to choose from.
  • On the global leaderboard, achievements in matches will be accumulated and evaluated.
  • Battles will help players improve their fighting skills and win the map's only chest quickly.
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