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App By:
Fr0Le Dev
1.2.10 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 14, 2022
95.7 MB
Required Android:
Android 6.0+
Role Playing

Boys all over the world can play this tapping game to make their heroes. Simply tap on the screen as much as you can to complete the game's mechanic.

Take on the challenge of defeating the powerful Monsters and Bosses lurking throughout over 100,000 levels of gameplay with Adventurer! Your power will increase as you progress through the fights. Over time, your superiors will become more powerful. Thus, instead of looking down on them, strive to become as powerful as possible.

You will use your sword to slay hundreds of enemies as you travel through the land in this clicker role-playing game adventure. You should begin collecting pets and upgrading your blade as soon as possible. During your journey, they will be able to assist you. Pets can become tanky and take combat damage on your behalf. If you want your pets to do something specific, their abilities can vary.

You will need to strategically advance the skills of both your heroes and your adventurers in order to defeat legendary bosses and fight nonstop monsters.


With just a few taps on the screen, you can quickly eliminate the monsters. You will receive your loot after defeating them. When you win certain stages, you'll also be able to unlock items and equipment. Gather brave people, equip weapons, and upgrade skills to start exploring together with gold. Those who spend little time playing games will benefit from the hanging function. The enemy can still be defeated, but only if you are strong enough. Create an alliance, defeat all enemies, and become a hero.


In addition to raising the level and damage of the squad, you will experience breakthrough skills. You will unlock and gain various skills during your exploration. Support spells boost the attack power and combat ability of the entire team. Before starting the match, you must understand the function and how to use the skill. Using the skill too much can, however, lead to overuse. Your win rate will be optimized if you consider whether to use them or not. To win every battle, use your creativity, combine skills intelligently, and upgrade them.


Tap Hero Clicker requires you to form a hero alliance to become an adventurer. While capturing the land, defeat the monsters and collect the gold they accumulate. Profits from fighting can be used to upgrade yourself and increase your attack power. Using that money, gather the remaining 15 heroes and raise their strength so that they can help you defeat the monsters. Your alliance's heroes will each master a unique ability. Improve the team's fighting ability by unlocking their potential and skills.


When you confront the enemy, Tap Hero Clicker will provide you with the necessary equipment so that you can win. There is a chance that you will receive item chests or equipment during the battle. You can test your dignity by opening chests of items in your inventory. You get more damaged items the luckier you are. Depending on the amount of equipment, the squad's combat ability and strength will vary. Only the right equipment can activate the hero's combat potential. Collect the strongest and most suitable items for your alliance. Make sure your heroes have the right equipment.

A new world awaits you with a challenging adventure. It is there that you will build your own powerful alliance of heroes. You and your teammates can upgrade their attack power by equipping themselves with the most powerful equipment. Combat skills and spells are unlocked to support combat ability and defeat dangerous enemies. Provide a clear explanation of the battle strategy and goal. Join the squad, fight the monsters, and explore the mysterious world. In order to win and kill enemies, you must be able to touch them. Be the first hero to explore this world by downloading Tap Hero Clicker.

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