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1.0 For Android
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may 23, 2024
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Android 7.0+

Getaway 2 Apk will jet you off on an exhilarating journey! You have to outrun the cops, gather money, and stay clear of traffic in this high-stakes pursuit. Raising your sought level stars will make the chase more intense; spike strips and barricades are waiting for your bold escape. This exciting mobile game lets you customise your ride, enhance your car, and rule the leaderboards.

What is Getaway 2 Apk?

Getaway 2 Apk promises an adrenaline-junkie pursuit unlike any other! In an enormous metropolis, the goal of the game is to collect coins and elude traffic while outlasting the police's unrelenting pursuit. Up the excitement and difficulty by raising your wanted level stars.

As the pursuit goes on, the cops get more determined to apprehend. There will be little opportunity for mistake as the police chase you nonstop with flashing lights and sirens. Spiked strips and well placed obstacles that try to keep you from getting away should be avoided. All you need to keep ahead of the law is excellent driving abilities and quick reflexes.


As you successfully elude capture, you can upgrade and power up your escape car. By handling, speed, and special device outfitting, you can increase your survival duration and set new high scores. Assure a special and customised ride with choices for modification.

Await breathtaking visuals and engrossing sound effects that will transport you to the fast chase. Your exhilarating escape becomes much more realistic with the addition of dynamic day and night cycles and unpredictably bad weather. With so many different settings to conquer in the huge cityscape—from busy metropolitan streets to wide highways—there is never a dull moment.

In this action-packed smartphone game, Getaway 2 Apk offers you the rush of avoiding the cops. Test your driving abilities, plan your getaways, and rule the leaderboards as the master fugitive. With each second counting, is it possible to outwit the cops and become the best getaway driver?

Features of Getaway 2 Apk:

  • The weather is dynamic, there are amazing images, and realistic sound effects.
  • Fast escapes and strong action make this an exciting police pursuit game.
  • Take up fast pursuits in various metropolitan settings.
  • Gather money while you avoid traffic and escape the unrelenting chase.

  • Test your driving prowess and vie for top spot on the rankings.
  • Get more wanted level stars for a harder task.
  • Spike strips and well placed barriers will put your evasion abilities to the test.
  • Reckless Getaway 2 served as the model for Getaway 2.
  • Customise, power up, and improve your getaway car.

Get set for the trip of a lifetime! Drive to the limit with Getaway 2 Apk. Are you going to be the best escape artist, outlive the cops, and get the most coins? Accept and ignite the fugitive within of you!

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