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jun 14, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Unexpected an explosion reduces you to the size of an ant. Awakening, you discover you at the base of the food chain and as little as an ant. The familiar world has turned odd and threatening all of a sudden.

On your path to survive in a small environment, your pals and you will encounter towering grass blades, horrific spiders, and cannonball-sized raindrops.

A Microscopic World For Investigation:

Cross a puddle like a lake, ascend grass like a skyscraper, and avoid raindrops like cannonballs—a surprisingly familiar miniature world awaits you. To survive on your own in this hostile new world, you will cooperate closely with your friends in looking for practical tools and supplies.

Groundwork for Handcrafted Homes:

Using a blade of grass, a can, or anything else you can find, create a distinctive and safe base camp in this tiny universe. Release your creative side and let your imagination to run free. You may also gather ingredients to create a feast and craft free home décor by growing mushrooms. What use it is to survive if you are not actually living?

Train your buggies for battle:

The animals you come across believe you belong at the bottom of the food chain, and lizards and spiders find you to be delicacies. On is a fresh journey; your reaction will determine whether or not you can survive on little planet. But you can domesticate ants, create armour and weapons, and fight wicked creatures alongside allies.

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