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1.7.16 For Android
Updated On:
jun 14, 2024
27.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The Scriptable automation tool lets you create scripts combining with native iOS capabilities including files, calendars, reminders, documents, and more.

With JavaScript on your Home Screen, you may design your own widgets displaying any data and be customised to look the way you choose with great widget support.

Running a script from a Siri Shortcut will let Siri read aloud a text in addition to present graphics, tables, and more.

  • Starting with Scriptable, there is an expanding library of scripts here.
  • Ask Siri to find out whether a web service is down. Then write scripts.
  • One can design a widget showing information of weather stations.
  • On your calendar, your next event should be moved half an hour later.
  • Discover what's on TV right now.
  • Make a movie list you wish to see.
  • Files should be sent to an image optimizer; the URL to the improved images should be kept.
  • Get a morning alert including the weather report.
  • Use URL schemes in your preferred to-do app to create tasks with prefilled data.

Features of Scriptable APK:

The following characteristics apply:

  • Run JavaScript and generate JavaScript.
  • Variables, functions, keywords, and properties automatically finish as you type.
  • From JavaScript code, numerous native iOS capabilities—including file, calendar, reminder, contact, photo, location, pasteboard, and web view management—are accessible.
  • Make widgets for your Home Screen that run on it without needing an app opened.
  • Siri Shortcuts let you show photos, tables, websites, HTML, and more along with have Siri read aloud a text.
  • Siri Shortcuts accept output and input ranges.

  • Plan frequent running of your scripts based on rich notifications.
  • Working with files and folders of third-party apps is made possible with the File Bookmarks utility.
  • Scripts can be synced across all of your devices via iCloud Drive.
  • Scripts kept as simple JavaScript files can be browsed with the Files app.
  • Assign one of the more than 800 glyphs and colours to each script you wish to quickly recognise from your directory.
  • Widget running scripts straight from your Lock Screen and Home Screen is possible.
  • One can run scripts 3D by tapping an app icon.
  • One can run scripts from a share sheet with inputs handled.

  • Scripts can be performed straight from notifications and scheduled from them.
  • a URL system enabling running of scripts from another programme.
  • Advanced connection with other apps is feasible with x-callback-url capability.
  • One could export and distribute scripts.
  • Start writing your own scripts using these sample ones.
  • Documentation for any native API you might use in your scripts is available online at as well as offline in the app.
  • On the iPad, the documentation will show up in an other window.
  • One can support dark mode.
  • The editor is yours to personalise anyway you choose.
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