Toca Life World Hile APK

download Toca Life World Hile APK for android 2024

App By:
Toca Boca
1.62 For Android
Updated On:
mar 18, 2023
936 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Description of Toca Life World Hile APK

The new app, Toca Living World, allows users to design their own worlds and play them like video games. Every single one of the Toca Life apps (City, Vacation, Office, Hospital, and more) is now available in one convenient package with one giant app. The ear is not deceiving the brain. All of the formerly isolated areas have been combined into one massive gaming environment.


If you believe it would be amusing to give your grandma a wild hairdo, dump things down the toilet, and hang out with your buddies in a Toca Life app, then hang on tight.

You may take your storytelling skills to new heights in Toca Living World by placing your favorite characters in any setting of your choosing. Want to bring Fido to class with you? Right this way, sir. Is a sloth going to Skate Park with you? Stay confident. What about dying the doctor's hair green at the salon? Indeed, why not. The player is in charge of the action in Toca Life: World and the plot develop spontaneously as they play.

INCLUDES THE FIRST 8 LOCATIONS AND 39 CHARACTERS Bop Kent is a lively metropolis with 8 distinct locations, including a hair salon, retail mall, food court, and even an apartment, all of which are immediately accessible after installing the Toca Life: World app. You've found yourself a fantastic foundation upon which to construct your own universe!

You shouldn't delete the TOCA Life apps you already have. Do you have any Toca Life apps installed on your device? Help migrate your current Toca Life data to the new Toca Life: World app is included for free. After then, it's up to you to combine settings and personalities whatever you like.

Invest in Brand-New Settings and Characters The initial download may have had a small number of places, but if you want more, you can get them. More than 100 settings, 500 people, and 500 animals can all be bought in the Toca Life: World marketplace. You have the option of adding more for the same price or a lower price, or a higher price for a larger addition. The game will constantly receive updates that include brand-new areas, personalities, and wild events.

Just out of curiosity, do you know? In order to enrich your world, you need not visit the store. Visit for a chance to win weekly prizes.

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