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1.0.2 per Android
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ago 14, 2022
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Android 5.1+

Let's Survive will allow you to use weapons during the melees. Players need to show all their own levels in this very attractive and creative survival game. As a matter of fact, you have to fight all the zombies scattered everywhere as well as all the biggest pitfalls. Additionally, the game will provide players with a variety of unique support features to speed up the zombie killing process.


People around the world are suffocating under floods of zombies, and war is breaking out more and more. However, these floods can be prevented by people around the world, as well as by your fighting. There are a lot of scary things in this war, and you must develop the ability to deal with them. To fight and overcome the zombie walls, players must prepare support equipment.

Those bloodthirsty zombies start attacking you and your fellow villagers. Deaths due to zombie attacks are enormous and unimaginable today. Players must also be aware of their surroundings in order to be prepared for battles. This survival game has many exciting features, and fascinating stories are gradually revealed for players to discover.


You are tasked with managing the army's systems in order to carry out the attack. The wars will open in turn, with huge consequences. As the person who can decide the survival of the whole world, Let's Survive hopes you will be able to quell those powerful attacks. You will be more motivated to reach your full potential after the bloody battle.

In the game, you will find a variety of weapons, including large guns, which will help you kill zombies. Zombies' power is increasing and becoming more terrifying, so you'll need to improvise in time. It would be helpful if you chose risky areas and attacked from a distance to create the initiative for our troops. Passive zombies will be easily injured and lose their ability to resist, so you can urge our troops to advance and capture everything.


As the wars heated up, the tanks were operating at full capacity. A big gun is always a safe weapon to use when avoiding attacks and fighting. Send a few more troops to attack the zombie swarm to strangle them and kill them. Best of luck to you and those fighting alongside you if that plan is successful.

It is also important for players to build the most powerful attack and defense systems. You can win in new areas if you can calm the heat of the zombies. As for defense, you should also pay attention because if they suddenly attack strongly in your area, you can also defend and come up with new battle plans. We need to lead the world to happiness, and you are the only one who can do that.

In Let's Survive, the zombies feel like they are living in hell; you will have many chances to take part in this war. In order to discover fascinating events, players are always free to penetrate the mysteries. However, you must also completely resolve the unique survival wars that are the source of these violent conflicts. Capture the most extensive territory, destroy the zombies, and become a famous commander.


With vivid 3D graphics, the images display the ferocity of Let's Survive's world in an authentic manner. Rhythmic music with a fast tempo. As a result, players will have a better experience. It is relatively easy to control the game. Drag and drop the joystick in the bottom right corner of the screen to move the main character. Now you can touch the icons that appear in turn to use weapons, open equipment, check character attributes, collect resources, and fight enemies. To perform that operation, click on the screen.


The world around you was almost in darkness after the tragedy struck. Your character is very hungry and thirsty, and his body is slowly weakening. Thus, you will be provided with a variety of character life indicators in the game. You need to keep track of these indicators regularly, such as hunger, thirst, radiation level, health condition, etc. They should not, however, be allowed to fall below dangerous levels. This is how you can become stronger. Moreover, every dawn will bring danger to your character. It is possible for hungry zombies to appear and attack you.


Let's Survive offers a variety of exciting missions. There is a wide variety of missions available here. Particularly, these are new missions and not repetitive like some other games. Each level's quest will be displayed as a series of questions. The buttons are located in the left corner of the screen. There will be a blank front box for each question. When you complete any task, the blank box will automatically fill with a checkmark. In these missions, you collect resources, vehicles,... Some missions bring you benefits and rewards, such as boss battles, killing zombies, crafting weapons, building fortifications, barriers, shelters, etc.


It is essential to strengthening oneself in this chaotic world. In order to defend yourself against enemies, you need solid walls and good weapons. Start collecting resources about building shelter and crafting weapons as soon as possible. Safe shelters can help you avoid being attacked by enemies. The evil bosses or undead corpses are a great threat to you. It is necessary to have a weapon in order to destroy them. You can craft the weapons you love freely in the game. An example would be an ax, a bow, a crossbow, or even a gun...

It is a novel survival simulation game that you should try once in your life. There is a lot of valuable loot to be found in the missions. Hundreds of recipes will be available for making weapons, armor, and survival items. Also, you will be able to drive a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, and boats, and... Join survival factions, make friends, and chat with other survivors. It is a great map with great graphics and sound. Make yourself the strongest by downloading the Let's Survive and destroying dangerous zombies.


  • As a commander, you can lead the army in the fight against tribulation.
  • In this mighty army, you need to pay close attention to your next move as you smash fearsome zombie groups down one by one.
  • To counter those ghastly traps and create the most potent shooting, use guns and other essential weapons.
  • In order to eradicate the enemy, the army system needs to be upgraded and more troops should be built outside.
  • The long wars in this world will require a lot of resources to exchange weapons and powerful vehicles.
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