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Again, They Are Coming APK is one of countless zombie games worth experiencing at least once. While it does not have an engaging storyline or diverse and complex gameplay, it always provides players with the most relaxing moments. The simplicity of the game draws people, but the series of scary zombies that it brings are equally dramatic and thrilling.

When zombies attack, what should you do? They Are Coming will answer that question for you shortly. Success comes from being a survivor with a strong heart. Defying the unfathomable despite any danger. You need to get past infected people to reach safe areas. Whatever you find will benefit you and help you survive as efficiently as possible. When man's will is strongest, he will rise. You have to be careful because there are things more dangerous than the undead.

Over the years, zombie games have evolved through different eras. It is always possible to combine the modern with the classic to create things like They Are Coming. There are still the same old pixel graphics, but the plot is more complete and invested than ever. Suitable for a wide range of mobile device configurations. We are bringing an apocalyptic world closer to everyone. In order to survive in it, you will need to follow essential instructions effectively. Turn yourself into a person with a fighting spirit.


The zombie pandemic is well-known in movies, but when it comes to They Are Coming, you will be fighting alone. When you are the only one with a weapon and facing hundreds of zombies, I don't know how it will feel. Suspense will be an integral part of the game, especially without rest, because you will have to focus entirely on the fight and never take your eyes off the screen.

It is also very easy for beginners to control the game and you will get used to it in no time. There will be a control button in the left corner of the screen where you can move your character left, right, up, and down. You will be able to aim and shoot by lightly touching the right side of the screen. In addition, you can continuously switch weapons to deal with a variety of situations.


Eventually, the zombies' power will be more robust, and their movement speed will be faster, so you must be able to match them to survive. You will always be accompanied by weapons such as guns and even hand-held melee weapons in every battle. While reloading, you can also kick them away with your feet.

As you upgrade your weapon, you will be able to deal with zombies much faster because it will become more powerful and more damaging. Defeating a bunch of zombies won't take much energy or time, and just one shotgun bullet will kill them all. It is for this reason that changing and updating your weapons comes first.

The game looks pretty easy, but the sounds of zombies or blood splashing everywhere will give you goosebumps. They Are Coming combines the fear of zombies with the feeling of being released when killing them. Become a great shooter and exterminate zombies.


World population was transformed into a frenzy after the apocalypse. There are still a few lucky people who are taking back their lives day and night. You are one of those talented people who are fortunate enough to survive. Build a solid survival base for yourself. Stop the undead hordes from invading your land. Continuously and effectively repel their advance using the weapons. Upgrades will make your defense even stronger. Create an excellent survival empire run by you by growing stronger.


You will also find a wide variety of weapons while building your base. It will be divided into two main categories: arm weapons and support weapons. Handheld weapons will include AK-47s, M4A1s, AWMs, grenade launchers, machine guns, etc. The supporting guns are usually fixed machine guns or flamethrowers. Optimizing your firepower would be easier if you equipped both in combat. Enhanced effectiveness in preventing and overcoming subsequent mass attacks. Investing in these things is possible with the coins we earn. Make gun experts who aren't afraid of anyone.


In addition to guns, melee weapons can also play a significant role in They Are Coming. If you know how to use it, it will also be as powerful as guns. You can equip your character with an ax, sword, knife, or even a high-powered saw. Show them how powerful they are by cutting all zombies who come near. The more upgraded the weapon, the more benefits you will receive. Melee weapons have both advantages and disadvantages. It isn't difficult to use if you are an expert who loves this. The benefits of this weapon can ultimately be promoted in a variety of ways.


When weapons are the primary method of combat, traps can also be effective. We will purchase traps and place them in areas where zombies can easily pass through. The web causes significant damage or even destruction to the target when people enter it. In the They Are Coming, traps should only be used once and should be used appropriately when needed.

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