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ダウンロード LoTR Mobile Game APK 最新 バージョン 2023

Exptional Global
1.0.312873 アンドロイド用
6 03, 2023
2 GB
Android 5.0+

Description of LoTR Mobile Game APK

It's time once more for the Spring Festival! You may cultivate the Mallorn tree by solving puzzles and playing minigames, and you can also discover more about the Mallorn Tree and Sam.

Epic stories from the past, whether they are tales of love, friendship, or glory, belong to a time that has passed. You have been entrusted with the responsibility of deciding the outcome of the next War of the Ring, which will determine the future of Middle-earth. An unstoppable evil force has been expanding, seeping across Middle-earth, and bringing war to every nook and cranny of the region. Each group is doing everything they can, from Minas Tirith all the way up to Mount Doom, to get their hands on the One Ring and establish their rule over Middle-earth for good.

There must be only one ring to rule them all.

A new round of the War of the Ring has begun!

Experience the War of the Ring for Yourself!

The long-lost One Ring has been discovered in the forsaken stronghold of Dol Guldur. It grants the bearer unprecedented power to govern Middle-earth, which draws people from all different factions into a major conflict.

Construct a Stronghold for the Town.

The effectiveness of your strategies is directly correlated to the infrastructure of your settlements. Each structure possesses its own special abilities, and as your community expands, so does your overall level of influence. Get yourself in fighting shape for the impending battles.

Assemble Formidable Armies

Before engaging in battle, it is necessary to assemble all of the available forces. These may include spearmen, archers, and knights, as well as wondrous animals and terrible beasts. If your plan is effective and your forces are strong, you will emerge victorious from this conflict.

Establish Your Association

As a Steward of Middle-earth, you are tasked with entering a huge planet and seizing control of it through the establishment of your own Fellowship, the growth of your settlement, and the expansion of your realm. Grand challenges await.

Increase the territory held by the factions.

Your power will increase as the season progresses as a result of your successful deployment of expeditionary forces, expansion of land tiles, acquisition of precious resources, and successful defense against enemy attacks. Your victories in battle have given you valuable experience and strengthened your body, both of which will come in handy should any unforeseen challenges arise.

Discover the Marvels that Middle-earth Has to Offer

Experience a re-creation of Middle-earth that places you on the ground in the wide universe imagined by J.R.R. Tolkien, from the soaring majesty of Minas Tirith to the brutish fear of Barad-dûr. This will allow you to go from Minas Tirith to Barad-dûr.

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