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download MA 2 President Simulator PRO MOD APK for android 2024

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1.0.38 For Android
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5月 28, 2024
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Required Android:
Android 6.1+

Contemporary Age 2 demands you to lead one of the contemporary states as president based on geopolitics, economic, and military strategy grounded on modernity. Would you like to be the American or Russian president? Under your direction, will Syria or Afghanistan occupy a major role in the area? Not one Android game matches this one.

Show yourself as a smart president and a capable military commander while fighting abroad. Share your religion and philosophy with the planet. Your culture needs you!

The War System:

You have to conquer kingdoms and states, fight for resources, and increase your authority. Create airfields, arsenals, barracks, shipyards, fleet, train an army, manufacture military equipment. Forward saboteurs and spies on missions. Arm your foes with nuclear weapons. Strike negotiations with separatists.


Your people should have better and safer place of residence. Build a Ministry of Health, Education, Infrastructure, Culture, Sports, Justice, etc., that will aid you in managing with these difficulties.  With the support of the Ministry of Tourism, make your state a tourism attraction.


The nation should sign defense treaties, commercial agreements, and non-aggression pacts. It should open embassies; take part in UN and Security Council activities; and enforce decisions and sanctions. It should become a member of international groups.

Religion, Laws, and Philosophy:

Create rules in line with the course of evolution of your civilization. Choose the official religion and viewpoint for your state.

Manufacture and Trade:

Create power using my resources. Create items by means of food and raw supplies. Trade among kingdoms and states.

The Central Bank and Taxes:

Mr. President, with what approach do you plan? You are depending on high taxes or production? Will low loans help your country?

Terrorists and Pirates:

Discipline the planet; once and for once solve the issues of terrorism and piracy.

Internal Actions:

Leading the state, you must handle crises, diseases, pandemics, demonstrations, rallies, economic downturns, etc. Still, the most epic war tactic for mobile devices can provide even more! Are you ready to establish a rich state, Mr. President? You must decide what. Either soft president or dictator? Your will and approach will be the secret to the success and development of the nation and civilization. One can enjoy Modern Age 2 without internet connection.

Benefits of Premium Version:

One can have a list of every modern state here.

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Today you can find a 100% play speed button.

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