The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood APK

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1.1.0 For Android
Updated On:
5月 28, 2024
805 MB
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

The Red Strings Club's creators bring you Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood—a provocative narrative experience.

In a wonderfully hand-crafted environment including Tarot-like card production, divining, and a branching plot spanning time and space, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood investigates themes of identity, community, and personal responsibility.

What is The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood APK?

Living exiled on an asteroid, you represent Fortuna, a witch who strikes a contract with a prohibited monster in an attempt to recover her freedom.

You will meet new acquaintances, see your Witch friends, and utilize the cards you made to probe their pasts and futures following 200 years of exile.

As you travel this cosmos, you will be enmeshed in a convoluted web of interests around your coven that results in a political conspiracy deciding the fate of the Cosmic Witch society.

Features of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood APK:

  • Enjoy the magical images with their stunning pixel art designs and big cast of well crafted witches from various walks of life.
  • Using hundreds of possibilities, you can design original divination cards to assist in understanding and deciding the fate of the people you come across.

  • The original music of Fingerspit consists in more than three hours of beautiful melody.
  • Over decades, Fortuna comes to terms with her authority, the results of her choices, and the fate of the Coven overall.
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