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ダウンロード Yandex Game APK アンドロイド用 2024

Intertech Services AG
23.20.1100 アンドロイド用
2 04, 2023
29.2 MB
Android 5.0+

Description of Yandex Game APK

Yandex Games is a comprehensive video game library accessible from a single interface. Choose freely from the offered alternatives

Insightful nutrition.

Based on your preferences, Smart Feed will provide recommendations.

Communication between various electronic gadgets.

Because of the ability to sync between devices, you can pick up right where you left off no matter where you are or what device you're using.

Some of the many categories that you'll find are:

Idle wordplay.

Word games like crosswords and word searches are excellent for gauging one's lexical prowess. Challenge your pals and your intellect to a game of word hunting filled with complex wordplay. Do you think you know the answer?

Tabletop RPGs.

Willing to play a game of online chess with other people right now? You may also get together with your pals for a game of traditional checkers, bingo, or dominoes. However, if that isn't your cup of tea, you can always play bingo, ludo, or even backgammon in the comfort of your own home. You can play mancala, four in a row, and puzzles.


One of life's simple pleasures is rearranging a deck of cards while enjoying a glass of your favorite drink in the comfort of your own home. If you find yourself alone at home, you may always play a round of traditional solitaire, klondike solitaire with people online, or a round of classic spider solitaire. Not only can you play spades with your pals on your mobile device, but you can also compile a library of your favorite card games.


Many enjoyable games in the traditional arcade-style are available. Brick-and-ball games, bubble shooter duels, and a competitive online version of the classic snake game are all great ways to exercise your reflexes and see how you stack up against the opposition.


Frighten your foes in war games, become a legendary street fighter, or master the art of ninja warfare! The reflexes you use in modern shooting and army games will be put to the test in a real-life conflict. Defeat a whole army with a single swing of your sword to prove your mettle. Try on the persona of an assassin, a superhero, or even a warrior in a digital fantasy world. Do what's right and learn how to fight like a pro. There is a battle waiting for you!


Tap the piano tiles to compose beautiful music, or get some pals to form a garage band and record your own original song. Put on your headphones, tune your guitar, and get ready for some synthetic drums and musical mayhem! Or, show everyone what you've got by competing in a beat battle! Making music is possible even without a professional studio. Use our applications to hone your skills and perform like a pro. Pop, hip-hop, and rock fans alike will not be disappointed.


Can I ask how large a brain you have? Put your mind to the test by tackling challenging puzzles and puzzling over riddles. If you're waiting for someone, a puzzle is a terrific way to kill time.

Defense Towers.

Safeguard your civilization against the assault of the enemy! Prioritization and careful management of limited resources are the foundation of any effective military plan. Crush your foes, lead the Vikings to victory, and expand your territory. Create a hero league, strengthen your kingdom, or join a wild defense. Here you will face the greatest legend, and the fate of legions will depend on your courage. Explore unfamiliar territory using only your mobile device as a portal. If you can keep the castle safe, the king will be your eternal debtor.


The time spent with loved ones while playing games is priceless. In cartoon animal drawing and coloring games, you can draw a dog, a cat, or any other animal you like. Make a virtual pet and raise it with your pals, or build a zoo. Or perhaps you're interested in making an attractive picture by coloring in the corresponding numbers. You can get a talking pet, study a new tongue, or do both! The options are limitless, and we can turn education into a game. We have compiled a large number of options so that you don't have to waste time downloading different apps in the hopes of finding one you like.

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