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2.1.17 для Android
авг 14, 2022
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Android 7.0+

Play role-playing games (RPGs) and real-time strategy games (RTS)? The game Kingdoms War TD APK is a 2D cartoon anime tower defense game with role-playing elements.

Fortis is the continent where the game takes place. These countries are home to a wide range of races. Hundreds of years after the Great Battle, the continent's species live in peace. The human King kills the Dark Lord and his troops, but evil never entirely vanishes. In anticipation of another blanket of darkness covering the continent, they are eagerly awaiting it.

An army of Goblins appears out of nowhere to threaten Eradel. In order to gather allies in other nations, Prince Lucius of Eradel and a friend set out. The challenges he faces on his journey will require the assistance of strategists. Heroism will be managed, towers will be built, and the regal Eradel army will be trained!

Fantasy locations appear in Kingdom War TD defense strategy games, including a broad human plain, wealthy elven forests, an alpine dwarf kingdom, a dead marsh, and an ice-capped mountain range.

Don't miss out! In order to complete each job successfully, you'll need to use the eight new specialist towers. There are four types of towers in the Eradel Kingdom: barracks, archers, magical, and golems.

Both campaign missions and an unrestricted game version are available. The top of the scoreboard is a great way to show the world how valuable you are. A limitless mode is also available for farming gems.

For assistance in battle, you can rely on Jupiter, Glacia, Sol, Nyx, and Asura. The heroes come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and are strong and capable. Three heroes can be summoned simultaneously to defend your realm, and Summoning Runes will increase their strength.

There are about 30 different types of creatures waiting for you. Monsters have different looks, and some of the events in which they appear have skill sets that are difficult to master. In the game's encyclopedia, enemies and towers are described in detail. Be on the lookout for threats to your castle and realm. Kingdoms War TD is here!


Every second, your Eradel kingdom is fighting for its life. To defeat the enemies, you will have to fight hard. Their goal is to take over your throne by invading every part of your land. Be calm when facing these bloody battles. At the right time, you need to apply defensive tactics. Aside from that, Kingdom War: TD Offline Games also arranges many details to assist you. A unique weapon or a talented hero can be found. Prepare yourself for the Kingdom War battle with a steely spirit and be wise before any strategy you employ. To survive, you must conquer a number of small and large quests. Take advantage of all the weapons you have at your disposal. Get started with your leadership skills now!


To create a battle plan, you will use your ability to think and judge. Time is of the essence when it comes to attacking and defending. In Kingdom War: TD Offline Games, the main message is to protect the kingdom, so you must be very careful. You can have your castle robbed at any time due to more than 30 types of fierce enemies. Therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of thoroughly understanding your opponent. Knowing your opponent and dealing with it at the right time are the keys to a successful strategy. The situation will provide you with an opportunity to assess your ability to handle it. The ability to make accurate judgments is also a form of power. Prove that you are a talented champion by finding a way to prove it.


Can you still imagine the epic battles of ancient times? Fighting with them is highly complex in terms of action and strategy. There are also a lot of tough challenges your warrior will have to face while fighting. Make use of the different strengths of the four defensive towers to protect your team. When participating in combat, you can choose from five levels. You and your allies are also strengthened by more than ten different types of Runes. The importance of battle tactics and weapons cannot be overstated. Would you be able to take full advantage of them?


The interface and mechanics of Kingdom War: TD Offline Games have won over many fastidious players. The battle you participate in will feature the most realistic and carefully drawn interface. The main character, allies, weapons, enemies, and backgrounds are all beautifully designed. Kingdom War has a highly satisfying combat space. In terms of interface and mechanics, you can expect a challenging and guaranteed playground. As a result, you will be able to fight as confidently as possible without being hindered by unpleasant experiences. A desirable aspect of the game is its effects. Whenever possible, you should go offline because it is very convenient.

Feel the atmosphere of a fascinating epic battle right away. You are made into a true warrior. Maintaining your kingdom to the end is a great responsibility. It's time for you to show your leadership skills. To become an epic warrior with super prediction and strategy, download Kingdom War: TD Offline Games.


  • There are various fantasy landscapes in Kingdom War TD, such as the human plain, the elf woodlands, the dwarven mountain kingdom, the dead swamp, and the freezing mountain.
  • You must perform! Ace every mission with 8 new specialist towers.
  • As well as story tasks, the limitless mode offers boundless difficulty. Make sure you're on top of the leaderboard to prove that you're the best strategist. The endless mode is also available for farming gems.
  • To aid in the fight, recruit Jupiter, Glacia, Sol, Nyx, and Asura.
  • Heroes of valor from diverse races. To protect your kingdom, you can control three heroes at once.
  • To strengthen your hero, summon and enhance Runes.
  • There are over 30 varieties of creatures to choose from. Each monster has a unique appearance, and some occurrences have skills that may hinder tacticians.
  • In-game encyclopedias describe enemies and towers.
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