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2月 04, 2023
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Description of Barber Chop APK

Create your dream barbershop or hair salon with the help of Barber Chop MOD APK. It will test your team's ability to think outside the box in order to meet their needs.

Lejeune and Associates LCC present Barber Chop APK, a fashion simulation game. It's a beautiful game with fantastic visuals that simulate the barbershop and beauty parlor experience realistically.

Approximately nine adult males, six adult females, and two Santas make up the game's cast of sixteen characters. You'll gain experience in a variety of areas, such as customer management, by preparing for a wide range of potential obstacles.

You should download Barber Chop for Android if you want to start a career as a barber or hairstylist. It's a convenient way to gain professional knowledge without leaving home. For optimal performance, this app requires Android version 5.0 or later.


The Barber Chop app provides a fun and challenging game experience. With this tool, you can give your clients a makeover by altering their appearance in a number of ways, including their hair, makeup, and accessories. You have the option of a drastic makeover, or they can preserve their natural hair length.

Once the game has begun, you will select a character and experiment with different styles for their hair and face. Is there a selection of tools in the game that can help you accomplish this? Hair blow dryers, electric shavers, hair clippers, and hair blowers are all included.

You can give your client a similar makeover by coloring their brows and trimming their eyelashes.

The makeover must be completed as quickly as possible, as the game includes a timer. This can be achieved by carefully considering the client's hairstyle and other features before beginning work on the cosmetics. Some customers may like to get their beards trimmed and colored before you touch up their brows.

Key Features: 

  • Selfie-based Selfie haircut: select a style, snap a photo, and save it as your new do!
  • New Design Feeds allow you to browse the work of other designers in the community.
  • Use the Undo button to undo the most recent change. Any time your finger touches the screen counts as one tap.
  • You may zoom in for a closer look at most of the actors, letting you make precise edits.
  • Clip-in hair thinners that may be adjusted to fit any amount of hair.
  • Hair removal razors that cut all of it off. The head and/or face can be shaved bald.
  • Connect and share.
  • Choices of music to listen to while you play.
  • The camera button will allow you to save your creations to your photo album.
  • Use the head's rotation button to make a full circle.

In this realistic game, you can practice your abilities, experiment with new ideas, or even learn how to become a better barber. Numerous racial and cultural options are available for your consideration. Given the abundance of hair on each character's head, the possible variations on their haircut are practically endless. Once you begin the game, a clock will pop up so you can see how long it took you to do your hair. It will also appear on the image you've chosen to keep.

You and anyone else watching will be able to observe your skill level rise with each game. There is no cost for anything!

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