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8月 14, 2022
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In Time Crimes Case, players step through various scenes by solving puzzles created by pictures. There are many clues in the game, and keys to solving them can be found throughout. Creating solutions to the challenge requires players to be clever enough to find and gather them. If you are a lover of puzzles in games or are simply looking for new challenges in entertainment, then this game certainly has everything you need.


In the game, players are asked to find clues based on the provided scenes in order to solve the mystery step by step or get out. Even those who are intelligent and sharp enough to solve puzzles will find the game's difficulty extremely significant. It is not only the puzzles in this game that attract players, but also the stories behind them. As the game progresses, players will uncover hidden stories behind each challenge.


It is the players' responsibility to gather the items or tools they find in the various scenes in the game in order to select them for their own purposes or to combine them to create a key that will unlock the story or situation behind it. While you can search for clues, the real challenge is to figure out how to use and utilize them to help you overcome the game's challenges.


The game revolves around this theme. In addition to searching for escapes and clues, players must find all traces on the trail of criminals. As you decode your way through the game, you will encounter traces of criminals hiding at different points. Decipher the sly criminal step by step by overcoming difficult puzzles. In order to determine if you are truly capable of catching him, you will rely on the traces he left behind.


  • In the game, clues are meticulously and skillfully crafted.
  • The tracks that the criminal left behind while hiding hides many secrets.
  • Find solutions to tricky puzzles by combining clues.
  • You can catch the criminal through inference among the people you are meeting.
  • In this game, clues and characters interact perfectly with each other.

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